The family of Robert Waters wishes to invite family and friends to the funeral services to be held

The family of Robert Waters wishes to invite family and friends to the funeral services to be held

Friday November 8, 2019
Bellwood Memorial Park Cemetery
8575 Airport Road
Temple, TX

There will be a reception follow at the VFW Hall in Temple. 3302 Airport Road Temple, TX Brief outline of Bob’s professional life Bob was raised and attended High School in the community of Harrisburg in Houston. He was attending Rice University when he left school to serve in the US Navy. After the Navy, Bob attended the University of Texas and worked for Electro Mechanics Company (EMCO) in Austin. Bob was among a group that left EMCO to form Tensor and Magrange in 1975. These companies were sold to Allied Signal (Honeywell) and to General Electric from which he retired in 2008. Bob always worked with very talented teams that were responsible for equipment leading instruments and systems used in the mining, oil and gas drilling, and river crossing industries.

Throughout his career, Bob was involved in various technology projects ranging from classified defense projects, nuclear testing in the Pacific and numerous patents that resulted in core products that are still the backbone of products being used in the petroleum industry today. Bob was a pioneer in Relief Well Intersects which took him to all parts of the world for many years. He coauthored numerous papers involving magnetic measurement and detection systems used in the oil and gas industry. He was also involved in two efforts to locate the burial site of the two Twin Sister cannons used in battles for Texas independence. Bob was pivotal in establishing the field Calibration Check (Roll Test), vital in establishing the accuracy of magnetometer/accelerometer based Directional Tools.

Bob was very great person to work for, always keeping the best interest of his employees and customers in mind. He was a classic gentleman that always expressed his love for his family.

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