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High-Speed Interface Box
Reduces downtime
Retrieve formation data 50x faster via high-speed download
Streamline MWD decisions
HPR Integrated System
Minimizes costs
Increases reliability and accuracy
Improves decision making
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Bench Tree’s Commitment to Quality Ensures Reliable Accurate Measurements
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Minimize CapEx with Rent, Lease & Lease-to-Own Options

Bench Tree rents and leases reliable, next-generation MWD-LWD systems and tools to help manage your peak demand, without capital investment or the need to grow your MWD-LWD fleet.

Why Bench Tree?

Reliable. Accurate. Quality. Service.

  • Experienced engineering team and certified technicians
  • Strict testing processes and quality inspections
  • 24x7 technical support
  • Extensive Bench Tree and third-party equipment repairs and service
  • Comprehensive client education and training
  • Above all else, the ability to understand and respond to your individual requirements
Bench Tree is the industry leader in reliable and accurate MWD-LWD solutions. Since our first product was introduced, we have revolutionized MWD-LWD systems by understanding and meeting our clients’ needs. We recognize what downtime can mean, so we set new standards for reliability, compatibility, short lead times and responsiveness.

By blending the solid methods of tenured industry professionals with fresh perspectives and technologies for today’s evolving rigs, Bench Tree provides the industry with superior legacy and next-generation MWD and LWD products and support, especially in high-temperature environments.

Complete Solutions for MWD – LWD

Bench Tree offers operators a comprehensive offering of highly reliable and accurate MWD and LWD systems, with added configuration flexibility to meet any drilling condition they may encounter. All MWD-LWD products are backed by Bench Tree’s commitment to quality, service and continuously expanding capabilities.
MWD Solutions
Optimal reliability and value unmatched in the industry
LWD Solutions
 Improve decision-making with reliable and accurate data
Reduce downtime with certified repairs, upgrades and calibration
Minimize CapEx with added flexibility

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