Bench Tree Participates in Drilling Technology Forums

Over the past two months, our founder and president, Aubrey Holt, sales manager, Mitch Bancroft, and several of our engineers participated in two Drilling Innovation forums coordinated by the Darcy Partners. We had the pleasure to present our formation evaluation solutions to 32 representatives from 24 different E&P companies in Houston, and 30 attendees from 20 operators in Midland.

During the general presentations and then in subsequent one-on-ones, we had the opportunity to hear about the challenges and opportunities that operators are facing in basins throughout North America. Just a few takeaways include:

  • The importance of having accurate data is key to ensure they are in the right section of the sweet spot.
  • The need for regular calibration certificates is becoming more and more important.
  • Robust systems and sensors that can reliably perform in harsh environments are vital to reduce nonproductive and stay in the hole until TD.

Events such as these are great ways to showcase what makes Bench Tree different from others in the industry. Thank you to the organizers and participants. We look forward to continuing to develop technologies that help solve the industry’s challenges.