Bench Tree Has Your Back with Reduced Pricing Options

As we navigate through these uncharted waters and uncertain times, the Bench Tree team understands that we all need to work together to weather the storm, especially as our industry is focused on reducing costs.

In an effort to ensure that our customers can minimize expenses while continuing to maintain tools to the highest quality standards, Bench Tree is offering reduced prices, starting today through the end of 2020.

  • Industry-leading calibration services for Bench Tree’s orientation modules as well as most third-party OMs will be cut by 25%, bringing the cost to $787/unit for 150°C modules and $900/unit for 175°C modules. As always, our calibration service includes a full calibration report that shows each sensor’s accuracy and performance over the entire temperature range with true six sigma data at each reading. 
  • Repair discounts include:
    • Full board replacements for Bench Tree and GE OMs: 38% off
    • Pulser service charges: 30% off
    • Oilfill housings: 27% off
    • Pulser driver replacements: 46% off
    • Surface equipment repairs greater than $2,000: 25% off
  • We will also upgrade existing receivers to our new 2.0 decoding platform at a 25% discount, giving you access to superior decoding at an even smaller fraction of the cost to purchase new receivers.

As always, Bench Tree Rental’s continues to offer an alternative solution to reduce Capex while still supplying our customers with state-of-the-art technology and OEM service and maintenance. Our fleet includes Bench Tree’s Integrated HPR resistivity tools and Short String MWD tools to name a few, all with our latest technology and access to continued technology updates at no additional charge.

We understand that our customers make us who we are and we’re dedicated to ensuring that we will come out of this stronger than before. Contact us to learn more.