Bench Tree offers a comprehensive range of technical support services for Bench Tree and third-party products. Many repairs can be completed within a week, and expedited service and shipping are available to keep you up and running.


Our certified technicians have the tools, knowledge and experience to quickly restore your equipment to its original electrical, mechanical and thermal specifications. Once completed, every repair undergoes a thorough inspection, testing and performance evaluation before it ships. This assures you of dependable, accurate operation.

For repair support, please complete the below return authorization (RA) request form and ensure that it accompanies any products shipped to Bench Tree. An RA number is not required. For additional support, call our customer service line at 512-869-6900.

Click Here to Download RA Form



In addition to our standard repair processes, we offer the opportunity to upgrade Bench Tree and third-party equipment to the latest improved specification at a reduced cost.

  • Bench Tree warranty on all our work/parts
  • Improved stability over temperature range
  • Usually returned in less than three weeks; some products in three days


I have a tool in the shop that failed during field operations, and I'm trying to figure out the problem. Can you help?
Yes. Download the downhole memory logs (.raw, .txt) from your tool, and send them to us using our online contact form. We will run a preliminary analysis and provide our findings and recommended action.
What is your typical repair turnaround time? How soon can I expect my equipment back?
For our surface systems, turnaround times range from two (2) to five (5) days. Orientation Module (OM) re-calibrations can be performed in a few days. For OM repairs, we typically return over 50% in three (3) weeks and 90% are returned in four (4) weeks.
Can you expedite my repairs?
Yes. Expedited repairs are generally available on all products for a nominal fee. Call client services at 512-869-6900 to discuss your specific needs, and to work out your schedule and costs.
How can I determine if my product is still under warranty?
Warranties are documented during the purchase process; see your paperwork for details. You can also call our support line at 512-869-6900 with your product name, model and serial number, and we can look up the warranty terms for you. Please note that all warranties start from the product ship date.
Do you offer custom/special repair services for specific customer requirements?
We strive to meet our customer’s special needs. Technical services will evaluate your request and discuss the possibilities with you. We do charge for custom work.
Do you charge for upgrades?
Generally, we do not charge for firmware upgrades that are for the same version and only need the latest revision. Upgrades that involve the latest version of firmware will incur an additional charge or license fee.