MWD/LWD Rentals

Minimize CapEx with Rent, Lease & Lease-to-Own Options

Bench Tree rents and leases reliable, next-generation MWD-LWD systems and tools. This helps manage your peak demand, without capital investment or the need to grow your MWD-LWD fleet. Renting also gives you the flexibility to offer tailored drilling solutions to operators.

It is our mission to work with clients to provide a variety of rental, lease and purchase options. Whether you are a new company entering the market, or an established one who wants to minimize the cost of maintaining a fleet, Bench Tree Rentals has a solution.


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MWD-LWD Kit Options, 175°C

  • HPR Integrated System: Only available through Bench Tree’s rental program, this system combines the benefits of Bench Tree’s HPR resistivity tool and Short MWD system to provide precise and dependable directional and formation evaluation information to maximize drilling efficiency and pay zone exposure.
  • Short MWD-LWD System: Next-generation, field-ready system streamlines operations because it is shipped pre-assembled in a standard kit box. Its reduced length and weight make it easier to handle than other systems. It includes the 3D-I, gamma probes, pulsers, battery packs and industry-leading data acquisition systems, which are configurable and customizable to meet your specific needs.


  • Standard MWD-LWD Systems: Field-ready kits with redundancy, reliability and state-of-the-art technology built in are available. Kit options include electronics, directional sensors, gamma probes, pulsers, battery packs and industry-leading data acquisition systems, which are configurable and customizable. The probe is fully retrievable and re-insertable.

MWD-LWD Tools, 175°C

  • 3D-Instrument:  Fully integrated, next-generation directional and drilling dynamics module is packed with advanced drilling/dynamics features and options, allowing you to transition from legacy directional modules to Bench Tree’s. The 3D-I is available for 150°C, 175°C or 185°C operations.


  • m+ Pulser: Next-generation, motor-driven solution is compatible with QDT-style, positive-pulse MWD systems. The 175°C piston-compensated, rugged, compact design offers auto-adjusting pilot valve, improved battery life and integrated gamma capabilities.


  • BTR-Touch Receiver/Display: The next-generation receiver enhances and simplifies surface system gear-up. For use on the rig floor, the wireless communication system includes a 12-in. backlit sunlight-readable touch display. With Bench Tree’s powerful pulse receiving/decoding capabilities, the receiver/display eliminates the need for a PC. Class 1, Division 2 units are available upon request.


  • HPR High-Precision Resistivity Tool: State-of-the-art propagating wave resistivity provides a reliable and robust collar design and power consumption that is remarkably low. The HPR offers optimal drilling performance, longest time in the hole and best-in-resistivity precision. Available in real-time or memory mode, Bench Tree’s tool lowers your maintenance cost and provides unmatched 175⁰C performance in 4¾-, 6½- and 8-in. tool sizes.