Legacy Receivers / Displays

RD-G Remote Display

Bench Tree’s remote display is the industry standard for reliable, rugged presentation of critical information for directional drillers and MWD operators. Available with a backlit display, the RD-G provides four toolface history indicators with inclination, azimuth, gravity toolface and magnetic toolface.

RD-G features:

  • Compatible with many MWD Systems
  • Viewable in direct sunlight and dim evening lighting
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • Connector options for backlight and internal Wye-cable also available


BTR-W Receiver

Bench Tree’s MWD products can provide wireless PC connectivity with its BTR-W receiver, which offers proven, reliable mud pulse detection with built-in internet. The receiver also allows for multiple, simultaneous connections to local PCs. An internal uninterruptible power supply provides conditioned power, and its compact footprint makes the BTR-W the receiver of choice for MWD operators around the world.

All new production receivers are installed with advanced detection firmware. This detection algorithm improves decoding in harsh and noisy environments, while enabling increased data rates by reliably decoding shortened pulse widths.

BTR-W features:

  • Yard cable replacement system compatible
  • 5 in. (24 cm) x 11.5 in. (29 cm) x 5 in. (12 cm)
  • 11 lb (5 kg)
  • 85 to 264 VAC, 47to 63 Hz (60W UPS recommended)


BTR-Cω Receiver

Bench Tree’s mud pulse detection system consists of high-quality hardware in a composite enclosure, combined with its industry-leading BTR utilities software suite. The BTR-Cω receiver has a familiar panel layout and form factor, but now offers expanded capabilities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, advanced detection firmware and compatibility with the Bench Tree YCR kit.




YCR Yard Cable Replacement System

Bench Tree’s yard cable replacement system (YCR) eliminates the need for running cables from the rig floor to the safe area. With a range of 1,300 ft (400 m), the YCR safe-area radio provides a direct interface between the BTR-W or BTR-Cω, the transducer and the RD-G display.




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