Short MWD Mud Pulse Telemetry System

Bench Tree’s Short MWD system provides operators with precise and dependable directional information to maximize drilling efficiency and pay zone exposure. Its reduced length and weight make it easier to handle than other systems. The Short MWD system harnesses the benefits of its advanced 3D-I instrument, while helping solve reliability and accuracy issues inherent with longer legacy systems.

The system’s high-speed mud pulse transmission allows users to leave the legacy platform and reduce the need for expensive EM and dual-telemetry systems with limited depth capability. Reliability is improved by eliminating many of the failure points found in other systems. For instance, the 3D-I, m+ Pulser and gamma all fit in one standard directional module pressure housing. The system also has 95% fewer field-mated connectors and less wiring than legacy systems.



  • Unconventional and conventional drilling
  • Directional and horizontal drilling
  • Sidetracking
  • Custom drilling
  • SAGD drilling


  • Minimizes costs (up front and long-term)
  • Improves reliability and operational efficiency
  • Increases accuracy
  • Saves battery costs
  • Decreases downtime


  • High-operating temperature: 175°C (347°F), 185°C (365°F)
  • High-speed mud pulse transmission available
  • Patented instantaneous dynamic synchronization
  • Drilling Dynamics: RPM, shock, vibration, temperature, continuous inclination, azimuth, stick-slip
  • Mode change with flow and/or rotation status
  • m+ Pulser with various gamma options
  • Reduced connectors

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