Short Bench Tree Electronics Module (BTEM)

The Short Bench Tree Electronics Module (BTEM) allows customers to utilize their legacy orientation modules with the added benefits of the 3D-Instrument (3D-I). The BTEM combines intelligent processing, efficient power, improved durability, and proven high-temperature electronics. It can be integrated into most standard legacy MWD-LWD systems, providing added flexibility during drilling operations and offering an innovative and competitive solution.
The chassis design improves stability, reliability, and accuracy over other configurations since the connector system is reduced and boards are potted directly into the chassis; thus, eliminating connector and vibration issues that plague legacy drop-in processors and power supplies.



  • Directional and horizontal drilling
  • Custom drilling
  • SAGD drilling


  • Minimizes costs (up front and long-term)
  • Improves reliability and operational efficiency
  • Enhances drilling BHA flexibility
  • Minimizes downtime with reduced shock and vibration
  • Reduces the length of an EM+OM combination


  • High-operating temperature: 175°C (347°F), 185°C (365°F)
  • High-speed communications available
  • Patented instantaneous dynamic synchronization
  • Drilling Dynamics: RPM, shock, vibration, temperature, continuous inclination, azimuth, stick-slip
  • Mode change with flow and/or rotation status
  • Customization available
  • Memory dumps in minutes, instead of hours


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