Other Orientation Module Options

In addition to Bench Tree’s standard, drop-in orientation and directional modules, we also offer a complete suite of solutions for proprietary and unique MWD systems. These include orientation module upgrades, semi-custom digital OMs, analog OMs, inclinometers, magnetometer packages and more.

Third-Party OM Upgrade Program (GE)

Bench Tree offers a third-party OM upgrade service to improve performance and extend the useful life of your existing OM fleet, at a fraction of the price of purchasing new ones.

For legacy GE OMs that exhibit electronics failures, you can replace all existing electronics with Bench Tree’s drop-in replacement boards and re-use the existing accelerometers and magnetometers. This cost-effective option extends useful life and improves repair downtime for GE OMs that are repeatably repaired due to extended environmental exposure.

Bench Tree can assess accelerometer and magnetometer sensor performance during the upgrade process, and counsel on their capacity for continued downhole use.

Upgrade Benefits:

  • Approximately 1/3 the price of a new OM
  • Electronics are fully compatibility with legacy GE OMs
  • Improved OM performance and reliability with upgraded electronics
  • Calibration included
  • Full, one-year warranty on all parts, excluding accelerometers and magnetometers
Slim OM (Digital or Analog)

Bench Tree offers its industry-leading performance in a survey-quality, slim-diameter (1.04-in. [26.42mm]) OM. The slim OM is built with genuine Bench Tree magnetometers and Quartz-Flexure accelerometers and is only 16 inches long. Various custom configurations and temperatures are available, as well as an optional, on-board power supply.

Digital OMs (Semi-Custom)

Bench Tree’s semi-custom orientation modules are configured to meet your unique requirements. Mechanical features can be customized for various OD sizes, and can accommodate custom-end features, connectors and pin-outs. Semi-custom designs still utilize genuine Bench Tree magnetometers, sensors and our patented calibration process.

Analog OMs (Semi-Custom)

Analog orientation modules are available for clients who wish to handle their own analog-to-digital conversion of sensor data. Analog tools are customized to adapt to proprietary MWD systems. Clients can choose to calibrate Bench Tree analog tools once they are connected to their A-D. They can also use Bench Tree’s patented calibration services by providing their A-D converter during the calibration process. Either way, you are covered.

Inclinometer Modules (Semi-Custom)

In addition to Bench Tree’s standard INC-RINC module, semi-custom inclinometer packages are available in bi-axial and tri-axial configurations, which consist of boards, sensors and chassis. They are available to clients who require inclination-only without magnetometer data, or who wish to add an extra inclinometer device within the MWD toolstring during MWD applications.

Magnetometer Modules

Bench Tree’s magnetometer modules, consisting of boards, sensors and chassis, are available to clients who do not require inclination data, need to manage magnetometer data in a separate chassis, or wish to handle their own analog-to-digital conversion of sensor data. Analog tools are customized to adapt into proprietary MWD systems.

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