Standard Orientation Module

Bench Tree’s orientation module (BTOM) includes genuine magnetometers, sensors and an advanced, proprietary calibration technology. It can be combined with Bench Tree’s electronics module (BTEM), downhole software, precision calibration service and magnetometer. One of the most accurate and stable measuring device for extreme temperatures, it is available in 150°C, 175°C and 185°C configurations.

Accurate and robust precision and sensing downhole

  • Fully compatible with MWD systems
  • Single-piece chassis and ruggedized z-accelerometer for extra reliability
  • Industry-proven dependable board-sets
  • Uses standard communication bus
  • New manufacturing technology provides enhanced reliability
  • Fits chassis for the BTEM and other QDT style chassis
  • Custom configurations and other temperatures available

Covered by one or more of the following U.S. or international patents:

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