INC-RINC Rotation Inclination Module

Bench Tree’s INC-RINC inclination-only module can be deployed in MWD-LWD systems to complement the directional module. It provides operators with precise and dependable inclination and continuous inclination measurements to maximize drilling efficiency.

The INC-RINC module enables faster drilling by allowing partial surveys (inclination and gamma) to be telemetered in lieu of full directional surveys. This drastically reduces the amount of data to be transmitted, reducing survey time.


  • Directional and horizontal drilling
  • Custom drilling
  • SAGD drilling


  • Reduces survey time and costs
  • Increases integration flexibility
  • High-operating temperature: 150°C (302°F), 175°C (347°F)
  • 24-bit on-board processor
  • Powered from battery bus
  • qBUS with generic variables or CAN Bus (model dependent)


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