Standard Directional Module

Bench Tree’s directional module (DM) is an industry-compatible, drop-in replacement for QDT-style downhole directional modules. It combines the legendary reliability and accuracy of Bench Tree’s orientation module (OM) with the field-proven, smart technology and advanced features in its electronics module (EM). The DM is the toughest, most stable and reliable, QDT-style directional module in the industry.


  • Directional and horizontal MWD-LWD drilling
  • Custom drilling
  • SAGD drilling


  • Improves reliability and accuracy
  • Increases integration flexibility with QDT-style systems
  • Reduces downtime
  • Enhances power efficiency
  • High-operating temperature: 175°C (347°F), 185°C (365°F)
  • Combines Bench Tree’s orientation and electronics modules
  • Patented instantaneous dynamic synchronization available
  • Drilling Dynamics data: RPM, shock, vibration, temperature, continuous inclination, azimuth, stick-slip available
  • Mode change with flow and/or rotation status available


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