Downhole Products

3D-I Directional & Drilling Dynamics Instrument

  • Improves reliability and accuracy
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Reduces downtime

Short BTEM Processor and Power Supply

  • Improves reliability, accuracy, and stability
  • Enhances drilling BHA flexibility
  • Minimizes downtime with reduced shock and vibration
  • Reduces the length of an EM+OM combination

Standard Directional Module

  • Improves reliability and accuracy
  • Increases integration flexibility with QDT-style systems

Standard Orientation Module

  • Fully compatible with MWD systems
  • Single-piece chassis and ruggedized z-accelerometer for extra reliability

INC-RINC Rotation Inclination Module

  • Reduces survey time and costs
  • Increases integration flexibility

Other Orientation Module Options


  • Orientation module upgrades
  • Semi-custom digital OM, and more…

Standard Electronics Module

  • Reduces downtime, while providing superior reliability
  • Increases integration flexibility

m+ Pulser

  • Improves reliability
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Reduces downtime