HPR Integrated System

By harnessing the benefits of Bench Tree’s high-precision resistivity tool (HPR) and Short MWD system with gamma, the integrated system provides operators with precise and dependable directional and formation evaluation information to maximize drilling efficiency and pay zone exposure in directional and horizontal wells.

The HPR Integrated system streamlines operations by shipping the tool pre-assembled, with only one battery connection to be made at the rig site. The solution’s high-speed mud pulse eliminates the need for expensive EM and dual-telemetry systems with limited depth capability. It allows directional, drilling dynamics, resistivity and gamma data to be transmitted in a shorter period of time, saving operators time and money.


  • Unconventional and conventional drilling
  • Directional and horizontal drilling
  • Geosteering and bed-boundary detection
  • Custom and SAGD drilling


  • Minimizes costs
  • Increases reliability, accuracy, flexibility and operational efficiency
  • Improves decision making
  • Decreases trips
  • Saves time

  • High-operating temperature: 175°C (347°F)
  • Pre-assembled combined tool with MWD-LWD capabilities
  • 400kHz, 2MHz, 8 curves
  • Sizes: 4 ¾, 6 ½, 8.0 in.
  • Short MWD system w/ gamma
  • High-speed telemetry available

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