HPR High-Precision Resistivity Tool

The Bench Tree HPR resistivity tool provides operators and service companies with improved performance and precise measurements, while reducing downtime and operation costs. Its simplified design, with signal and processing power in one package, has fewer connection points for higher reliability.

The dual-frequency, propagating-wave system offers accurate resistivity data in a broad range of formation properties and temperatures, while consuming minimal power to stay downhole longer. With a flat response throughout its operating temperature range (up to 175°C), it exceeds the capabilities of other tools. It can be run on virtually any LWD architecture.



  • Geosteering and bed-boundary detection
  • Logging-while-tripping
  • Wireline replacement
  • Correlation
  • Casing point selection
  • Logging during air and foam drilling (logs independent of flow switch)
  • Pore pressure trend analysis


  • Improves decision-making
  • Decreases trips
  • Increases flexibility
  • Integrates easily into MWD systems
  • Removes invasion effects


  • 400kHz, 2MHz, 8 curves
  • Single eight-cell battery pack runs Bench Tree’s real-time mud pulse MWD system and HPR tool for 300 hours
  • High-operating temperature: 175°C (347°F)
  • Operates in all mud types
  • No electronic hatch covers, or bolt-on antenna covers to repair

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