Case Study: Bench Tree’s Advanced Detection Firmware Decreases Downtime By Allowing Real-Time Surface Data to Be Received in Seconds, Not Hours

Decoding mud pulses in laterals, especially when agitators are used in the deeper formations, can be a challenge. A directional drilling service provider needed to offer real-time surface data analysis capabilities to operators to minimize downtime associated with pulling the BHA out of the hole to read recorded data.

The client partnered with Bench Tree to enhance MWD/LWD decoding capabilities to ensure that optimal real-time drilling decisions could be made at the surface.

Bench Tree evaluated the challenges that were being faced in the field and worked with the client to rewrite the advanced detection firmware to accommodate specific needs, ensuring pulses in deep, long laterals could be decoded at the surface in a matter of seconds.

With the new system deployed, the customer was able to download recorded data in as little as 90 seconds—a process that previously took 90 minutes to two hours with other systems. By sharply enhancing the speed of MWD/LWD data analysis, the customer was able to reduce NPT and saw significant cost savings globally.