Quality Commitment

Commitment to Quality
Embrace it. Own it. Deliver it.

Bench Tree’s philosophy states that Everyone Owns Quality. This means each employee shares personal responsibility for the delivery of quality products, services and an exceptional user experience.
To ensure superior reliability, Bench Tree has established a world-class quality assurance team. This team includes IPC-A-610- and IPC/WHMA-A-620-certified instructors (CIT) tasked with ensuring that all production, QA, repair, technical service and select engineering personnel maintain IPC-A-610 certification. All soldering staff maintains Level 2 soldering skills.
We empower our employees to take ownership, beginning with a mandatory Quality Training course. After successfully completing the course, each employee signs a Quality Pledge promising their unwavering commitment to enforcing Bench Tree’s rigorous standards.
Another component of Bench Tree’s quality initiative is our product performance review process, in which each piece of incoming equipment undergoes rigorous evaluation before any maintenance, upgrade or repair work begins. By tracking real-world performance data, Bench Tree engineers gain the insights needed to continually refine designs for improved performance.

What kind of Quality Control Procedures do you have in place?

The IPC® (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) certifies that all Bench Tree assembly, maintenance and repair personnel are specialists in IPC-A-610. This Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies standard governs the quality of both Class 2 (surface) and Class 3 (downhole) products.

The certification establishes the minimum for the additional requirements needed for downhole assemblies. We maintain designated checkpoints throughout our manufacturing and repair processes, from incoming components to outgoing final assemblies. All stations are staffed by experienced, certified technicians dedicated to Bench Tree standards. Finally, routine workmanship audits are conducted to ensure our processes and procedures continuously meet—or exceed—industry standards.

What does Bench Tree's quality assurance team do?

Bench Tree’s quality assurance (QA) group is responsible for ensuring the suitability of task on incoming components and assemblies, meaning they are tested to conform with our stringent requirements. The QA team also performs quality control (QC) inspections on all Bench Tree-built PWB assemblies, holding these units to the same rigorous standards that outside vendors must meet. Finally, audits are conducted for all processes, procedures, assemblies and products throughout the factory. These exercises help Bench Tree continually refine processes and products to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

What happens when a nonconformity is identified?

Bench Tree QC procedures are carefully designed to identify issues that are as minor as a cosmetic scratch. No matter where a product is in our process when an issue is identified, it is pulled offline, the problem thoroughly investigated, and corrective action is taken. In rare cases, this can delay shipping; however, the client is notified of any potential delay. Only products that pass all rigorous inspection criteria are permitted to ship.

What does quality mean to Bench Tree?

At Bench Tree, we understand reliable drilling services depend on accurate, rugged and reliable equipment to extend MTBF for more efficient operations, but there’s more to quality than simply delivering best-in-class products. That’s why we supplement our proven product lines with exceptional service, extensive training and responsive support. At Bench Tree, quality means delivering the best total client experience in the business. Everyone’s future depends on it.