Since we were founded in 2003, Bench Tree has consistently provided reliable and accurate MWD and LWD solutions that have helped exploit shale plays in North American and around the world. With offices in Georgetown and Houston, Texas, and capabilities around the globe, we have revolutionizes MWD-LWD solutions by understanding and meeting our clients’ needs.

By blending the solid methods of tenured industry professionals with fresh perspectives and technologies for today’s evolving rigs, Bench Tree provides the industry with superior legacy and next-generation MWD and LWD products and support, especially in high-temperature environments.

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hours, 7 days a week live support


staff is military or veterans

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At Bench Tree, we believe our goal is the same as yours; we strive for your success. We do this by offering:


Experienced engineering team and certified technicians


Strict testing processes and quality inspections


24×7 technical support


Extensive Bench Tree and third-party equipment repairs and service


Comprehensive client education and training


Above all else, the ability to understand and respond to your individual requirements

Our global client base includes a mix of top-tier and independent organizations:


Horizontal drilling service providers


Directional drilling service providers


MWD-LWD service providers

Contact us for more information as we continue to set new industry standards for reliable and quality measurement-while-drilling and logging-while-drilling products and services.