Bench Tree

Services Repairs

Bench Tree is proud to offer a comprehensive range of technical support services designed to keep you up and running. We also service many third-party tools. Many repairs can be completed within a week. Expedited service and shipping are available on request.


Our Certified Technicians have the tools, knowledge and experience to quickly restore your equipment to its original electrical, mechanical and thermal specifications. Once completed, every repair undergoes thorough inspection, testing and performance evaluation before it ships. This assures you of dependable, accurate operation straight out of the box. Bench Tree has repaired equipment manufactured by other companies for years. We are experienced in saving our customers cost and time with our rapid return services. Most surface equipment is returned in one to two weeks.

Repair and Upgrades

In addition to our Standard Repair processes, we offer the opportunity to upgrade Bench Tree and third party equipment to the latest improved specification at a reduced cost. Our upgrade programs often offer a 20% improvement in specifications over the temperature range, with greatly improved stability.

Orientation Modules

Bench Tree's Orientation Module services include accelerometer and magnetometer repair and replacement, Analog-Digital converter repair or replacement, and output testing and correction. In addition to working on our own units, we service GE and Microtesla products.

Upgrade Program
We are able to save the customer costs by transferring functional accelerometers to a Bench Tree chassis. We always offer the maximum warranty for all work performed on Upgraded units.

It has to be better or it is not an upgrade.

We upgrade sensors manufactured by:

Motor and Solenoid Drivers

Beyond general chassis and wiring repairs, we repair or replace Pulser Driver Boards, Flow Switch Boards, and Capacitor Banks. Solenoid services include pull and hold testing, repairs and upgrades.

For many years we have provided quality pulser driver upgrades for the Solenoid System discontinued by Tensor/GE.

We now have an upgrade for Telemetrix and Blue Star pulser electronics that exceeds the original specifications, reduces noise and current drain on the batteries while improving reliability.

GE, Tensor and Tolteq are registered marks of their respective companies.