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The LWD Gamma Module offered by Bench Tree is a ruggedized, high efficiency, scintillation type detector assembly that seamlessly integrates with your MWD system to provide real-time formation gamma ray information. The Gamma Logs produced are used for correlation with open hole logs, geosteering, and identification of low and high radiation lithologies. Clients using the Bench Tree DPU2 with the feature package can configure their MWD system to transmit additional gamma data while in rotating mode and can download high resolution gamma data at the surface stored in ACE memory. Advanced drill collar and environmental correction software is also available, as is housing and hardware to package the unit as a discrete MWD probe module. The LWD Gamma Module can be integrated with Bench Tree's m+ Pulser™ Driver near the bottom of the MWD string so gamma readings are closer to the drill bit. The API calibration factor for each LWD Gamma Module is determined when our compatible Gamma Calibrator and Software system is used to verify the sensitivity of each gamma probe as it correlates to API test pits.

LWD Gamma Module
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