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Products m+ Pulser™ Motorized Pulser Driver

At less than 36", compact and rugged, the Bench Tree m+ Pulser™ has 50% fewer parts than similar units. Offering higher reliability and reduced operational costs, and designed for 175°C performance and legacy MWD fleet compatibility, the m+ Pulser™ signals the beginning of a new era in MWD technology.

A motor-driven pulser driver offering:

  • 175°C performance
  • Piston compensation, without bladder or bellows
  • Compact, ruggedized design, with 50% fewer parts than other pulser drivers
  • Performance memory and diagnostics
  • LCM tolerance
  • Auto-adjusting pilot valve assembly
  • Improved battery life
  • Integrated gamma capability
  • Reduced MWD operating costs
  • Adjustable flow switch

New Generation

  • High reliability system with built-in intelligence & advanced drilling features 175°C Solution
  • Designed end-to-end for hot-hole service and qualified to Bench Tree's stringent specifications


  • Drop right into your legacy MWD fleet and improve drilling service

Direct Mount Gamma

  • Standard gamma module mounts directly onto the electronics assembly thereby reducing the number of interconnects and length
m+ Pulser™ Motorized Pulser Driver
Product Number(s) 900370
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Specifications`]] `]] `]]
Max Operating Temperature 347°F / 175°C
Max Operating Pressure 20,000 PSI / 137 MPa
Vibration: 20 GRMS, 30-1000 Hz, random
Shock 1000 G, 0.5 mSec, ½ sine
LCM Tolerant in medium to high LCM concentrations
Sand Content <1% by volume recommended
Flow Sensor Vibration - programmable
Connector Customer-defined
Operating Voltage 12-36 VDC
Memory and Diagnostics Large capacity performance memory and diagnostics
Gamma Probe Integrated gamma probe
Signal Transmission Positive pulse with legacy-style lower end
Max Pilot Valve Force 100 lbf / 445 N
OD-Housing 1.875 in / 4.76 cm
Length (bottom of screen housing to connector) 35.12 in / 89.2 cm
Length with Integrated Gamma Probe 49.25 in / 125.1 cm