Standard MWD Mud Pulse Telemetry System

Bench Tree’s standard MWD system delivers enhanced performance, stability and features to horizontal and directional drilling wells worldwide. It combines the legendary reliability and accuracy of Bench Tree’s standard directional module with pulsers, gamma probes and battery packs that are configurable and customizable to meet your specific MWD needs.
The string can be deployed in standard non-magnetic drill collars and is fully retrievable and re-insertable. The surface systems contain our industry-leading data acquisition, decoding and display technologies.
Each kit contains two complete downhole and surface systems:


  • Directional module (standard)
    • Patented instantaneous dynamic synchronization available
    • Drilling Dynamics data: RPM, shock, vibration, temperature, continuous inclination, azimuth, stick-slip available
    • Mode change with flow and/or rotation status available
  • m+ Pulser
  • Gamma (optional)
    • Gamma depth tracking system
  • Running gear

Surface System

  • BTR-Touch receiver/display or BTR-W receiver with wireless kit and RDG remote display
  • MWD software suite
  • Pressure transducers and support cables
    Job Box

  • Includes all equipment and accessories needed to support your job needs